7/29/2006 09:17:00 AM|W|P|richard|W|P|itunes picClick here to play

We all come from diverse backgrounds and have joined together to create a unique sound of Blues Jam Rock. James and Dave played in Simple Agression, a metal band, and their CD was sold in the U.S. and in Europe. James went on to play in another blues band, Jamestown. Dave also played in Quadimondi a progressive rock band. Keith was in Swan, Factor S, and Painter all cover and original bands. Painter toured the East Coast and was on several album projects. His latest project was West End, an all original contemporary rock band. Their CD was well received and they had a very loyal following. We have taken all of our combined musical tastes, experiences and love of all great music and formed eastsouthern. It has been a challenge but, well worth it.

|W|P|115418985049889485|W|P|east|W|P|8/12/2006 06:48:00 AM|W|P|Blogger cave|W|P|People like you make it happen for us thanks7/28/2006 09:19:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P||W|P|115414680919175918|W|P|Blues Tribute|W|P|7/28/2006 06:37:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|Click Here to play ">Being an independent artist. This move started out by having a few labels tell you they love you and your the best etc........ but they are not taking risk on this kind of music. Its not the 1970's anymore. Holding on to what I loved I continued on without any financial support from labels etc. Everything I did was on my own. This was now the late 90's and in investing my own money I started buying and selling analog multitrack recorders. There was a huge second hand market for these recorders as the turn of the independent musician and a home studio revolution was just starting to take place. I had Tascams, Otaris, MCI's, Ampex you name it they all came through my door. With all this going on I successfully got enough recording gear to do my own thing and not pay for studio time for recording. I was now ready for the next generation of music MP3's. MP3 sites were popping up all over the web. Only one was the real deal. The original MP3.com site. It no longer exists just a shell make shift version created by download.com. I do not have my music anywhere on that site.

I decided back in 1999 to place some of my recordings on the MP3.com site. Just a few Flying Without Wings, Homesick Blues and Cruising The Rainforest. These songs were from my massive collection of reel to reel tapes I recorded in my home studio. I checked back in a few days and noticed my songs were topping the charts. I was like is this real or what. The formula at mp3 was to have CD's for sale and make money off each CD. MP3 would burn CD's one sale at a time if need be and the artist collected a few dollars from each one sold. In my accounting over the years 1999-2001 I had sold over 250,000 CD's and had over 1 1/2 million downloads. This equaled out to big money. I mean enough to buy a new house, new cars, and all new furniture. Kinda like the rappers of today you know MTV cribs LOL!! This was my payoff for all the hard years trying to make it happen. I earned this and I waited a long time for this moment in time. Man I paid big bucks in taxes those years! Did I learn my lesson from the past NO............ I spent all the money but I have the rewards to show for it. Sure enough the easy street ride came to a sudden halt in 2001. MP3 got sued and Universal took over and piece by piece shut down the site. The financial good times once again were over except this time I got to ride it out and reap the rewards. Funny thing MP3 would never release the names of who bought the CD's from me so I never really knew who did, just where they were located. Even with these crazy off the charts sales figures I once again have a grammy award winning producer who believed in me represent me once again to the labels with all my sales results and guess what... Once again they passed on me. They said I was an amazing artist but they did not handle what I was doing musically. As if I didn't expect this. The producer thought for sure it would be a sure deal but no go. I was not surprised. OK so where to now you say......

|W|P|115413702940755017|W|P|Jack Falk - The Santana Tribute|W|P|7/28/2006 07:59:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Uncleshag|W|P|Amazing artist, Jack Falk.
Thanks for posting this.
-unc.7/15/2006 05:42:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P| All songs Public domain Paul Barrere plays guitar and slide guitar, and sings lead and background vocals for Little Feat. Paul Barrere joined Little Feat for the band's third album Dixie Chicken, and has been with the band since. During Little Feat's early 80's hiatus, Paul led the group Chicken Legs. Since Little Feat's return with "Let it Roll", Paul has stepped more into the spotlight. playhere|W|P|115301063701142162|W|P|Little Feet- Two Trains|W|P|7/15/2006 05:38:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P| BAND HISTORY as posted on Radsfans.net The Radiators were born during a transitional decade in the history of New Orleans music. The Meters, the premier funk band, had disbanded, the Neville Brothers formed, and in 1980 Professor Longhair, the father of New Orleans R&B and spiritual embodiment of Crescent City Soul had passed on. This decade would prove to be the fertile period of development when a unique blend of rhythms and sounds came together and "Fish Head" music was born. The Radiators, an extremely eclectic group of musicians, rely on a myriad of musical influences to create their own sound - "Fish Head Music". At a Radiators show it is not uncommon to hear blues, R&B, jazz, country, Zydeco, soul, swing, and even gospel filtering through their original New Orleans Rock N' Roll. This group could only come from New Orleans. Since its earliest settlement, the city developed a rich musical heritage that gave birth to 20th century American music. Musicians from this region were the first to incorporate African rhythms with Western melody. Beginning with culture-blending jam sessions at Congo Square, this musical tableau unfurled in the hands of artists such as JellyRoll Morton, Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, Earl King, The Meters, Dr. John and others too numerous to mention. These acts provided great inspiration for the Radiators. playhere |W|P|115301046433340319|W|P|Band/Artist: Radiators|W|P|7/14/2006 08:14:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P| Click here in 1999 I became aware of a growing music scene that was taking the Blues and using it to give glory to Jesus. Since I have been a performing artist for 35 years, and a Christian for 25 years, this seemed like a perfect match for me. We assembled this band and produced a CD of high quality blues, and classic rock with a funky, jazzy texture, and lyrics that have eternal significance. Since then we have covered a lot of territory, gotten some rave reviews and made some headway in becoming known. We have, for example had over 70,000 downloads on MP3.com and we have sold almost 1000 of our CDs with no distribution. We have also had 9 of the top ten Christian Blues songs on MP3.com for almost a week. In 2003 we have toured 7 states, and played everything from prisons, juvenile homes and rehab centers to outdoor festivals, coffee houses and churches. We are willing to go wherever we are called, and play music that is not only joyful and uplifting but spiritually significant. We are all about JOY!! click here to go to the band site web site.|W|P|115293347564022764|W|P|Blud Brothers Dead man Walking|W|P|7/14/2006 08:09:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P| click here Northern Indiana Blues with a taste of Chicago. Just 4 slobs with day jobs and a lot of originality, a desire to record, and a promise never to learn another cover tune(Unless its really cool). Enjoy the Chain Dawg Blues and I Coulda Been. Written by Ted Carter This song is a statement about how people self medicate for depression, no matter how great or small, and how the simple act of sleeping reinforces denial but eventually the blues return. Hence "Sleeping with the Blues".|W|P|115293313734242245|W|P|summertimeblues|W|P|