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Kokomo Arnold - GitFiddle Jim - Paddle blues
September 15, 2006 08:46PM
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Born James Arnold in Lovejoy's Station, Georgia, Arnold received his nickname in 1934 after releasing Old Original Kokomo Blues for the Decca label; it was a cover of the Scrapper Blackwell blues song about the "Kokomo" brand of coffee. A left-handed slide-guitarist, his intense slide style of playing and rapid-fire vocal style set him apart from his contemporaries.

Having learned the basics of the guitar from his cousin John Wiggs, Arnold began playing in the early 1920s as a sideline while he worked as a farmhand in Buffalo, New York, and as a steelworker in Pittsburgh. In 1929 he moved to Chicago and set up a bootlegging business, an activity he continued throughout Prohibition. In 1930 Arnold moved south briefly, and made his first recordings, Rainy Night Blues and Paddlin' Blues, under the name Gitfiddle Jim for the Victor label in Memphis, Tennessee. He soon moved back to the bootlegging center of Chicago, though he was forced to make as living as a musician after the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution ending Prohibition in 193

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Tony "the kid" Deziel began playing guitar at age 15, and began teaching guitar professionally when he was 17.He has been featured in Guitar World, Relix, and Songwritier's Monthly to name a few. With his former band Sundance he released one CD entitled "Pearls of Wisdom" which had just been reissued.While listening to Sundance's debut CD a wide range of influences from the Beatles to .38 Special, from The Allman Brothers to Eric Clapton can be heard. Currently, Tony is finishing up his debut CD along with former Sundance drummer Scott Donofrio and longtime producer and bassist Paul Opalach. Guesting on vocals is Rose Coppola. Two CD Singles will be released in September 2006. The first single "What'cha Put In that Kiss" will also feature two bonus trax, a cover of The Beatles "Got To Get You Into My Life" and a cover of The Who's "Substitute", both of which will not be available on the full length CD. The 2nd CD single will feature "Jilly Bean" and "Shades of Blue". The music video for "Jilly Bean" is currently in the works.

Tony Deziel

Garage Band

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Chester Burnett was born to Leon “Dock” Burnett and Gertrude Jones on June 10, 1910, in White Station, Mississippi, a tiny railroad stop between Aberdeen and West Point in the Mississippi hill country, many miles away from the Delta. Fascinated by music as a boy, he would often beat on pans with a stick and imitate the whistle of the railroad trains that ran nearby. He also sang in the choir at the White Station Baptist church, where Will Young, his stern, unforgiving great-uncle preached. When his parents separated, his father moved to the Delta, and his mother left Chester with his uncle Will, who treated him harshly. One childhood friend said Will Young was “the meanest man between here and hell. Wolf’s relationship with his mother was also troubled. Gertrude spent much of her adult life as a street singer, eking out a living by selling hand-written gospel songs for pennies to passersby. She disowned her son Chester, claiming he played “the Devil’s music.” Wolf’s wariness can be traced to his bleak childhood.


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Blue Fox is a well-traveled bluesman from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Steve Blood of Three Mountain Lodge says, "He takes time with the kids, gets the place rockin'. EVERYONE likes his music." Pamela Polston of Seven Days Newspaper said. "Blue Fox's vocals are deep-lazy-growly-sexy, and his guitar playing is ultra-strength." Art Edelstein of the Times Argus Newspaper says” One of the few authentic blues musicians in Vermont - well worth the listen.”

Blue is currently booking his spring/summer tour. Due to a big interest in his solo steel guitar/harmonic shows, it will be focusing on that style, as well as doing local shows with his band, Blue Fox & the Rockin’ Daddys.

In the 1980's, Blue played almost everyplace that had street musicians (Boston, New York, New Orleans, Austin, San Francisco, etc.) and quite a few that did not. "Blue Fox has been a fixture on the blues scene since he arrived in Vermont in 1990... Charlie Frazier, Good Citizen Magazine.

Blue's first CD, The Way Things Go, was with a trio. His second CD, Shades of Blue, is a mix of solo and his band. Both got good reviews and sold well. Songs from these CDs are featured on all four of the Best of the Green Mountain Blues CDs. His third CD, Solo Blue, features Blue as a solo artist in a mix of studio and live performances.

Two different persons were so inspired by a Blue Fox performance, they put on their own music festivals. (Bill Eustis - Brookfield Blues & Funk Festival & Sandy Bazzano - Pondstock)

He is well-known locally as a player of relentless energy, passion and showmanship." Charlie Frazier, Good Citizen Magazine.

BlueFox and the Rockin Daddys

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"St. Louis Blues" is a piece of American music composed by William Christopher Handy in the blues style. It remains a fundamental part of jazz musicians' repertoire. It was also one of the first blues songs to succeed as a pop song; it has been performed by numerous musicians of all styles from Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith to Glenn Miller and the Boston Pops Orchestra. It has been called "the jazzman's Hamlet". Published in September of 1914 by Handy's own company, it later gained such popularity that it inspired the dance step the "Foxtrot".

Though the name of the song may imply that it is about events in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, it instead refers to a sophisticated woman from that city who has stolen the affection of the singer's lover. The form is unusual in that the verses are the familiar standard twelve bar blues in common time with three lines of lyrics, the first two lines repeated, but it also has a 16-bar bridge written in the habanera rhythm.

The opening line, "I hate to see that evenin' sun go down" may be one of the more recognizable lyrics in pop music, and set the tone for many subsequent blues songs.

Handy said in writing "St. Louis Blues" his objective was "to combine ragtime syncopation with a real melody in the spiritual tradition." He had been inspired by a chance meeting with a black woman on the streets of New Orleans distraught over her husband's absence, who lamented: "Ma man's got a heart like a rock cast in de sea," a key line of the song.[1] Details of the story vary but agree on the meeting and the phrase.|W|P|115858949512943331|W|P|al Bernard - St Louis Blues|W|P|9/13/2006 03:16:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|
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RandomClam is a couple of ordinary guys trying to produce original music fusing the essense of blues, jazz and rock into something we hope you find unique.

Mike : Songwriter (Vocals, Guitar), Dan : Lead Guitar (Bass)

Random Clam

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Like many destitute people with physical disabilities at the time, Blind Willie Johnson earned his living from music. He quickly picked up the twelve-string guitar, and his father would often leave him on street corners to sing for money, where his newfound powerful voice left an indelible impression on passersby (legend has it that he was arrested for nearly starting a riot at a New Orleans courthouse with a powerful rendition of "If I Had My Way I'd Tear the Building Down", a song about Samson and Delilah). This song was performed hundreds of times by the Grateful Dead, and the live recordings of their version of the song have helped preserve it for decades.

At age 25, Willie married a young singer named Angelina, who was the sister of blues guitarist L.C. Robinson. His wife sung with him in some of his 30 recordings with Columbia Records from 1927-1930. Some examples of which Angelina Johnson sung with him were songs such as "Church I'm Fully Saved Today", "When the War Was On", "John the Revelator", and "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning". John the Revelator would eventually be recorded by delta blues musician Son House, and his other song, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning, was recorded by another delta blues musician, Fred McDowell.

Johnson remained poor until the end, preaching and singing in the streets of Beaumont, Texas to anyone who would listen. In 1945, his home inexplicably burned to the ground. With nowhere else to go, Johnson lived in the burned ruins of his home, sleeping on a wet bed his wife had prepared for him. He lived like this until, two weeks later, he contracted pneumonia and died. Although there is some dispute as to where his actual gravesite is, concerned members of the Beaumont community have committed to finding the site, and preserving it.

|W|P|115808693282542194|W|P|blind willie Johnson Praise God I am satisfied|W|P|9/12/2006 11:41:00 AM|W|P|richard|W|P|
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Billy Marquis has been playing the blues and paying his dues around the Mississippi Delta for over a quarter of a century. Not bad for a guy who doesnt look a day over thirty, huh. He started out with RocknRoll but you cant grow up in the middle of the Mississippi Delta without hearing the Blues and the Blues won out.

His music heritage? On the insert of his new CD, The Blues and Beyond He thanks a few poeple who have meant a lot to him over the years. Those people include his father, Billy G Marquis Sr., of whom he refers to as the first musician I ever knew and admired.

He shares the Blues stage with an impressive array of musicians. Steve Hauth on bass, Jim Michie on Keys and Robert Marquis on drums. These guys really lay down some rhythm for Billys guitar to wail over.

Lately Billy Marquis can be found hangin out at the The Bait Shop on Walnut Street, in Greenville, Mississippi and on Beale Steet in Memphis, to name a few places. His music is different, his guitar work innovative, and his lyrics heartfelt. Give him a listen when pulls into your town.

|W|P|115808665114764858|W|P|Billy Marquis Highway 82 Blues|W|P|9/12/2006 11:36:00 AM|W|P|richard|W|P|skip James - I'm so Glad
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Nehemiah "Skip" James was born on Woodbine Plantation outside Bentonia, Mississippi on the ninth of June, 1902. Raised on the plantation Skip was interested in music early and had learned guitar by age 8. After learning piano in high school he dropped out to hobo around and began earning a living from music around 1918. He worked parties, roadhouses, jukes, and barrelhouses in the South and Midwest, notably Memphis into the 1920's. He attended divinity school and became active in ministry work from the mid-twenties. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1932 supporting himself preaching and playing churches and concerts in the forties. James was ordained a Methodist minister in 1946 and worked outside music preaching until 1964 when he started working the folk festival and college circuit riding the blues revival wave.

An influence to Robert Johnson, Skip James recorded 17 selections for Paramount in 1931. His surviving works of this time demonstrate a masterful and unique style on both guitar and piano. Skip's haunting delivery was created by his falsetto singing over a rythymic and erratic instrumental accompaniment. The Depression suppressed his record sales and left him in obscurity until rediscovered in 1964. Illness curtailed Skip James' performing career in 1968 and he died of cancer on October 3, 1969

|W|P|115808637841953685|W|P|skip james - Im so Glad|W|P|9/09/2006 08:43:00 AM|W|P|richard|W|P|
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Hailing from Arkansas, Fred Tackett worked as a side man on many Little Feat albums before becoming a full member of the band for Let It Roll. Along with his fine guitar work, Fred's mandolin and trumpet have become a featured part of the Little Feat sound.

Robert Palmer writes about Fred Tackett's early years in Rock and Roll: An Unruly History

In addition to his work with the Feat, Fred has a very large discography of work with other artists.

Here are just some of the artists Fred has recorded with:

Allman Brothers, Greg Allman, Rory Block, Jackson Browne, Glen Campbell, Eric Carmen, Valerie Carter, Judy Collins, Rita Coolidge, Bob Dylan, Lowell George, Vince Gill, Rickie Lee Jones, Nicolette Larson, Juice Newton, Aaron Neville, Van Dyke Parks, Bonnie Raitt, Lionel Richie, Leo Sayer, Carly Simon, Boz Scaggs, Rod Stewart, Harry Nilsson, Bob Seger, Ringo Starr, Tom Waits, the Wallflowers, and Jimmy Webb

For a more complete list of Fred Tackett's recordings, see the Little Feat Discography


|W|P|115781750619063438|W|P|Little Feet - Oh Atlanta|W|P|9/08/2006 08:44:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|
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Scott was raised in northern Jersey in the early seventies when Jersey was still farmland and a quiet place. Since this area has been built up to include industry and shopping malls, Scott moved farther away to northeast PA "My dad gave me sort of a guitar for Christmas one year... it was a little plastic guitar with plastic strings - plucking along with my parents playing country music on the stereo. I was around 8 years old and my dad said, "Play something like Johnny Cash and I will buy you a real one." I learned, I walk the line sort of and I finally got a guitar made of wood... buy my teacher was Mr. Joseph - a man about 82 years old. He wanted me to play Mary Had A Little Lamb' single notes... I soon got bored. Later, I got a real silver-tone Sears Electric and an amp from a friend. The guitar obsession was born playing Hendrix and early Elvis by ear." Later, Scott was taught some scales, on guitar by hippie guitar master, Dave Williams. At sixteen, he was playing with local bands. The showman was born, playing endlessly, then hooking up with the House Of Music Recording Studio in West Orange, NJ. Scott started to bump into all kinds of legends and making waves - taking work anywhere he could. Through many incarnations of all sorts, Scott has worked with, opened for, or played with living legends over the course of 25 years, including, Stevie Washington, George Clinton, Jr. Wells, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Buddy Guy, Jerry Garcia, U2, Dave Matthews, Bon Jovi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Richie Havens to name a few. Scott was seriously busy trying any way he could, to learn from these legends. After nearly eight years of steady work and brushes with his own tragedies, Scott needed a break. In his own words, "I was afraid I would look like Keith Richards by the time I was 40." Scott drastically slowed down and went on a journey of the spirit from doing sweat lodges to studying meditation in Tibetan monasteries and taking long hikes by himself. After spending a few months alone in his VW bus in Colorado and Montana, Scott had an awakening and moved back from isolation, realizing that music was his true calling. This was about eight years ago. Scott has been writing songs like a waterfall ever since.


|W|P|115777357848528316|W|P|Scott Weis Band - Hurricane|W|P|9/08/2006 10:51:00 AM|W|P|richard|W|P| BackAlleyBlues Click here to play Tribute to the blues l w hawkins - The Blue will bringa ya Home September 07, 2006 05:11PM Hi, I´m L W Hawkins, a Swedish free time musician, living just outside Stockholm. I have had blues and rock´n roll as hobby since the 70´s and my influences come from a wide range of artists within rock and blues. Why this name? Got a nice ring to it. Originally LW Hawkins was a sheriff in Twin Falls County who managed to spot UFO:s back in the 40´s. Do you play live? Have played bass in several cover bands. For the time being mostly recording playing most instruments by myself. How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry? Hot question right now...think the music industry will find a way to satisfy all parties in some kind of compromise for music distribution Would you still sign a record contract with a major label? Yes Band History: Earlier bands: Onyx, Ella Blues Band and Orientexpressen Your influences? Eagles, ZZ Top, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Led Zeppelin, John Lee Hooker, Swedish artists Louise Hoffsten and Mats Ronander to mention a couple of names. Favorite spot? The Swedish Archipelago Equipment used: Fender Telecaster, Epiphone guitar, Yamaha BB1600, Peavy amps. Still keep my original Colorsound Wah Wah from the 70´s|W|P|115773821357977050|W|P|L.W Hawkins - The Blues will bring ya home|W|P|9/03/2006 06:29:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|
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Little Freddie's real name is Fread E. Martin and he was born in McComb, Mississippi, July 19, 1940 down the road from Bo Diddley place. His father, Jessie James Martin, was a blues guitarist that worked the weekend southern circuit in the Delta. His father would bring him out on the town when he was out there playin. "I would go out there and sit around on the outside around the juke joints and listenin." He'd be playin and drinkin and everyone was havin' fun. Freddie eventually taught himself how to play guitar and develop his country-style blues or as he calls it "Gut Bucket Blues".

At the age of 17, Freddie moved from the farm to New Orleans to stay with his sister. There he met such upcoming stars as Buddy Guy and Slim Harpo. However, adapting to life in the big city wasn't easy as Freddie explains. "I got lost all the time," he said. "All the houses looked the same. I had to get the police to take me home or else they'd arrest me. Finally one of the policemen told me to look at the street sign and the number on the houses. It got easy to get around after that."

Freddie King

|W|P|115733372680928691|W|P|Little Freddie King- Cat Squall Blues|W|P|9/02/2006 07:54:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|
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Backdoormen Bluesband were named after the Willie Dixon song of the same name. They have been playing their potent blues based mix of original songs and covers for the last 18 years in the south west of the UK. The twin guitar based band with lashings of harp from Jeff Horsey and backing vocals from the lovely Tucker sisters are a main draw on the blues scene in this neck of the woods. Check 'em out!

The band have always served as a magnet for up and coming talent and have often incorporated other musicians and even a four piece rocking brass section on occasions. For the last ten years Backdoormen have usually featured Gyan Bansall on rhythm and second lead guitar. (He plays beautiful Peter Green style licks) and Kate and Vanessa Tucker on lead and backing vocals. Their input into the band has been immense. Kate sings like Aretha Franklin while Vanessa is more Bonnie Raitt. What a combination! They look great too. . What sort of music should you expect at a Backdoormen gig? Well, the basic line up always features lashings of harmonica and guitar, but the band manage to produce a whole range of musical textures from straight ahead, Chicago style blues, to funky workouts like “Buddy Buddy Friends” and the original “Nightshift” soon to be released on the new CD.


|W|P|115725219732856067|W|P|backdoormen bluesband - 45blues|W|P|9/02/2006 06:38:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|itunes picClick here to play

My name is Cora Mae Bryant and my father is Curley James Weaver. He played with Blind Willie McTell, Buddy Moss, Barbecue Bob, Eddie Mapp and all of em. I remember I used to sit on Buddy Moss' and Eddie Mapp's lap and reach in their front pocket and pull out some chewing gum. They used to play around with my father.

We plays the original Georgia blues music. We plays and sings songs that my father, Blind Willie and Barbecue Bob and Buddy Moss made and Joshua plays them all so close. He really took the time to learn how to play em. And I makes up my own songs and Joshua plays them like my father and them, you know in that same style.

Cora Mae Bryant is the daughter of Georgia guitar legend Curley Weaver. She remembers, "When the weekend came, Daddy would come and get me. We did not know the difference between night and day." Cora is a blues scholar; her house is a blues museum. She can tell you everything one needs to know of the old blues. If you need a good lesson I strongly urge you to make a trip to her door in Oxford, Georgia.

|W|P|115724759689250458|W|P|Cora Mae Bryant: empty room blues|W|P|9/01/2006 09:43:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P|itunes picClick here to play

The BAND Kevin Artemio Jan Grant Ingo

Big Wolf Pappa is critically acclaimed singer songwriter Kevin Wilcox and band. Kevin was born in St. Louis MO and grew up in a small town ; north of St. Louis. Kevin comes from a musical family. His mother play piano and guitar in Blues, Jazz and country bands. Kevin has led a well traveled and interesting life and it is reflected in his songwriting. Kevin is also an accomplished guitar player, who played all guitars on the bands debut CD “Your Blood and Mine”.

Big Wolf Pappa was founded in June 2004 when Kevin met in Mannheim bass player Grant Jones and drummer Ingo Post. Guitarist. Artemio Cruccolini joined the Band in December 2004. Artemio is from Italy and has a background in blues and jazz. He is a talented and innovative guitarist whose work on the bands second CD “Shine” often borders on brilliant. The newest member of The band is guitarist Jan Lindqvist. Jan is originally from Sweden and now lives in Heidelberg Germany. Jan is a complete professional ; who brings many styles of guitar to the band, including dobro and lap steel. Grant Jones, the bass player is an American from Chicago. Grant is a tremendous talent with a background in jazz. Ingo Post, the Drummer, is from northern Germany. Ingo is a talented professional percussionist who along with Grant gives Big Wolf Pappa a superb rhythm section.. Big Wolf Pappas first cd “Your Blood and Mine” was released in May 2005.Far the past eleven months it has been the number one CD in Blues rock genre at www.numberonemusic.com. A song from this CD “The Vampire Chic” was singled out by a BBC reviewer as a highlight of an acoustic compilation CD released by Solarise Records of London, England. A Track from the new cd “shine “On the side of Angels” was track of the week at www.garageband.com. The bands music is being played on radio stations all over the world.|W|P|115717237491051711|W|P|big wolf papa- black hearted girls|W|P|