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BackAlleyBlues Tribute to the blues Barbeque Bob And The Rhythm Enjoy! -- Backalleyblues
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BackAlleyBlues Tribute to the blues Cora Mae Bryant: empty room blues Click here to listen Enjoy! -- Backalleyblues
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Tribute to the blues

Bob Walkenhorst -venue Molloys irish Pub 2004

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN THE BEGINNER — Bob Walkenhorst When a great rock n’roll band comes to an end, where does the music go? Bob Walkenhorst, lead singer and songwriter of The Rainmakers, answers that question on his first solo CD, The Beginner. “I didn’t want to make a record where I set out to prove that I could single-handedly make up for the absence of the Rainmakers. Instead, I wanted this to be a discovery of what I truly sounded like without them.” In thirteen new (and very short) songs, Walkenhorst has pared his already elemental approach to song arrangements down to a skeletal acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, most often played by his one-man-band. Harmonica is the lead instrument of choice, with the notable exception of a honking sax solo by Johnny Reno on “Jan Vermeer,” a Chuck Berry-style rocker about the great Dutch painter. The only lead guitar solo on the CD is played by Kansas City guitarist Jack W. Hayhow, Jr., on another retro-rocker, “J-Walkers,” about the first band Walkenhorst ever heard. Vocal harmonies appear on only one song, “Just Leaving.” From the sparse instrumentation to the early-’60s-style extreme-stereo production, the overall sound of The Beginner is as much about what has not been recorded as it is about what you do hear

Enjoy! -- Backalleyblues
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Tribute to the blues

Eric Bath - This is the Day

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Enjoy! -- Backalleyblues
|W|P|116096486062999116|W|P|Check out this podcast episode! Eric bath - this is the day|W|P|10/12/2006 11:30:00 AM|W|P|richard|W|P| itunes pic Click here to listen it all started with a simple prayer in 1981 by Rev. Bob McCarton, "Father, how about a Christian Blues Band?" It wasn’t to take place until February 1994 in Passaic County Jail in Paterson, NJ. Rev. John Witherspoon stood at the microphone ready to sing the first song and announced, "We’re Breakin’ The Bondage Blues Band and we’ve come to have church!" And that’s exactly what they did, had church complete with hand clapping, foot stomping, and soul saving. This group is dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. It makes no difference if they are in a prison, public park, church, music festivals, anywhere. Their songs are original compositions inspired by The Holy Spirit. The words of each song are clear and cannot be misunderstood. Breakin’ The Bondage Blues Band lifts up the Name of Jesus to be revered, praised, and worshiped. Rev. Bob McCarton (aka The Blues Rev) Leader, founder, blues harp player, producer, and chief songwriter with contributions from the entire band. He’s convinced that King David was the original Blues Harp player. Rev. Bob is just as comfortable playing those old church hymns on harmonica as he is getting down, gritty, dirty, and bluesy with the Blues of Breakin’ The Bondage. He is a proud Vietnam Vet having served two tours of duty with the 19th Combat Engineer Battalion. Rev. James Blank (a.k.a. Doc Ivory) Chief vocalist and keyboardist for B4. Jim was raised by renowned Gospel singer Rev. Joe Scott Jr. and his family. At the age of thirteen, Rev. Jim was taught to turn on the church’s Hammond B3 organ. Having no formal lessons, he was taught to play the organ by the Holy Spirit. Growing up in Evangelist Rev. Scott’s family, Doc Ivory was taught to sing and discern in four part harmony and accompanied his stepfather everywhere. Jim is the pastor of an international outreach ministry. Brother Ken Neill Rhythm guitar. His energy levels are legendary, his musical input is valuable. Ken plays on his church’s worship team. In addition he also plays in a wedding band, a multi piece Big Band group, and string bass in a bluegrass group. Before coming to Jesus, Brother Ken played bass guitar in the heavy metal rock group Twisted Sister. Brother Ken "The Professor" McNeil Lead guitar. For over 40 years, Ken has played in numerous rock and blues groups. His major influences are Freddie King, Luther Tucker, Buddy Guy just to name a few. Ken shares in the orchestration duties with B4’s song writing. He is a proud Vietnam Vet having served with the First Cavalry Division in Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP). Rev. Keith "The Kid" DeGroat The bass man. Keith comes from a musical family with deep roots in Gospel music. His mother, aunts, and uncles are The Gospelites. Keith had played percussion and bass with The Gospelites prior to joining Breakin’ The Bondage. Brother Donnie Van Vooren Drums. Don has been keepin’ the foot over the years with various club bands. He has a wide range of percussion background and brings a laid back attitude to the rhythm section. He’s powerful, in the pocket, and just outright happy to be playing for Jesus. Brother Rhett Tyler Guest lead guitarist. Guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, and producer, Rhett is best known for his explosive style of scorching modern blues guitar and high-octane, house-rocking live performances. And when The Blues Rev goes head-to-head on blues harp with Rhett, watch out! You ain’t never heard nutin’ like this before. Call out the fire department!!! And... Rev. John Witherspoon, Ray "Lightnin'" Griggs, Frank Robbins, Joe Brennan and Tommy "DC Tommy" Powell all performed on B4's debut CD, "We've Come To Have Church.|W|P|116067795571537901|W|P|breakin the bondage- we come to have church|W|P|10/08/2006 05:02:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P| itunes picClick here to listen

Back Alley Hoodoo is a fusion of kindred spirits, united by their love of the Blues. 2005 saw a series of collaborations by some good souls with great talent, but none seemed to really click. In the Spring of 2006, today's lineup came together to cut loose and jam in an anonymous garage, and the magic began to happen. At that moment, the band that was to become Back Alley Hoodoo was born. Three months later, Hoodoo made their Richmond debut at the RCBS Blues Challenge, where we didn't win, but we didn't suck either, so here we are, still playing, and still in love with the Blues. Hoodoo is focused on bringing a natural sound and old school style to Richmond's Blues scene. Delta, Texas, Chicago, and even West Coast Jump all played roles in the formative years of Hoodoo's members, and today they bring it all home with a vengeance. We're not the next Stevie Ray or Junior Wells, we're Back Alley Hoodoo and we're ready to serve you up a taste of Blues played our way. So grab your friends and come on out for a show. Together we'll have a fine time and leave you with your attitude "adjusted." Gordon Graham has been polishing his harp chops for over 25 years. He stole his first licks from Pigpen, and has since gone on to develop his own inimitable style. Influenced through the years by the likes of Little Walter, Rice Miller, Junior Wells, and George "Harmonica" Smith, his blues arsenal now has a life of its own. When not laying down some sweet harp, his vocals add a unique flavor to the Hoodoo stew, and his jazz tinged Guitar licks complement Jack's gritty sound. His most recent band ventures were Richmond's own Johnnie and the Lowdowns and the Rockabilly inspired duo, the infamous Blue Billies (who will one day ride again!). When not performing with Hoodoo, you can find him lending his vocal talent to the Virginians, a Richmond based Men's Chorus. Recently returned from the Augusta Heritage Center's Blues Camp where he studied with Joe Filisko, Gordon's continuing goal in life is both simple and inspiring - "I just want to play Blues with friends."

backalley hoodoo

|W|P|116035233201608305|W|P|Back alley hoodoo- Million Mile Away|W|P|10/06/2006 07:17:00 PM|W|P|richard|W|P| Click here to Listen C

Rusty and Laurie gleefully dubbed 2005 their "Dude! Where did you come from?" Tour after receiving gracious compliments from Lynyrd Skynyrd members when the band opened for them in 2004.

Longtime fans aren't surprised. Rusty Wright's got the kind of guitar chops that make people stop and stare, spellbound. Wide eyed, people jostle for a better view of his hands and riotous facial expressions.

Wright's introduction to professional musicianship came at age 13 when he climbed aboard a tour bus and became the guitarist for a successful Southern Gospel recording act led by his mother. His diverse career as an in-demand touring guitarist, front man and composer has taken him to most points in the US and across Europe.

A skilled movie and television composer, songwriter, audio engineer and in-demand session guitarist, Wright's compositions have also been picked up by ESPN and TNT.

Fronting the band with Wright is his wife, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Laurie LaCross-Wright, a compelling singer with a vivid and expressive vocal style that stretches with ease from a breathy, crooned endearment into a two-octave slide that becomes a throaty affirmation of her ability to wail. Touching people's emotions through a song is a rare ability, but this woman has the knack - often making the most stoic man in the room wipe at his eyes with her Bluesy rendition of Summertime.

The chemistry between Wright and his wife is both obvious and refreshing as they exchange playful banter onstage and share anecdotes about the songs and their lives with the audience.

Musically, they soar. Their passion for music and performing is evident as they take turns playing off each other. Laurie laughs with delight when Rusty plays a particularly inventive riff. His guitar work echoes the dynamics and emotion of her voice as she sings. He closes his eyes and loses himself in the music as he plays. She, in turn, looks directly out at the audience, smiling widely from the stage, as if to say "You'd better believe this is every bit as fun as it looks!"

COMMENTS AND REVIEWS Oxford Hot Blues & BBQ Festival, June 2006 "The Rusty Wright Blues Band hit the stage running and had the people on their feet with songs from their close-to-being-released CD (Ain't No Good Life) to crowd favorites. Guitar wizard Rusty led the band through a series of songs and just to show the kids before them that they had chops too, finished with a red hot version of the Allman Brothers Whipping Post, which brought the entire crowd to it's feet for a standing ovation." – Tim Richards, Blues Photographer, writer

“The Rusty Wright Band is one of the finest Blues acts that you will ever see. From their first tune to their last, Rusty and Laurie will keep you captivated with in-your-face, hard-driving blues selections as well as their heart-wrenching mellow numbers. These guys are a definite "must see." – Steven J. Allen, Oxford Hot Blues & BBQ Festival Executive Producer & Detroit Blues Society Board Member

KALAMAZOO BLUES FESTIVAL, JULY 2005 "I saw you play today. Your time is about to start."

Here are links you can put on your site for buying the CD "Ain't No Good Life". Rusty Wright's Website CDBABY |W|P|116018783761006120|W|P|Rusty Wright Blues- Do it again - personal interview|W|P|